Are You Running Your Practice?
Or Is Your Practice Running You?


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You Have an Awesome Practice...But it Takes a Lot to Keep it That Way.

You love your patients. You love your profession.
But you feel like your success is solely dependent on your energy and drive alone.

Maybe you’re frustrated by the demands of being the Chief Everything Officer. You hire staff. You fire staff. You treat patients. You pay bills. You do it all.

But you studied to be a healer, not an accountant, office manager, salesperson, or marketing expert. Of course you feel burdened, even overwhelmed, with all that’s necessary to run a successful practice.

That's where I can help.

I created a thriving business the hard way, by trial and error. I discovered what worked and what didn't. I optimized office staff and streamlined procedures, resulting in a practice that ran like clockwork. My unique marketing systems increased our volume from 11 to 200 patients a day… with a staff of only four.

Today, my goal is very simple: to teach you everything I learned about how to make more money, have more time, and enjoy more freedom.

Pattie Ptak - Practice on Purpose

Make More Money

Have More Time

Enjoy More Freedom

Your Path to Prosperity

Targeted Marketing

You need a marketing plan that makes you stand out – one that gets you noticed. Together, we will go through my signature process to help you attract patients you love: patients who will stay, pay, and refer.

What you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive marketing plan
  • Personalized social media strategy
  • Tools to identify & attract your ideal clients

State of the Art
Office Management

We’ll identify areas that are costing you money, time, and patient loyalty. Whether you need team training, more efficient systems, or streamlined patient procedures, we’ll create the road map to get your practice where you want it to be…in no time.

I’ll show you how to:

  • Implement procedures for increased efficiency
  • Track and measure your business success
  • Deliver a phenomenal customer experience

Multiple Streams
of Income

Based on your specialty and your interests, we will find the right products, programs, and procedures for you to ethically add to your practice. You will generate more income and your patients will have better outcomes.

You will generate:

  • Increased profit per patient
  • Less stress and more free time
  • A practice you love
  • …Pattie … gave us insights that clarified months worth of our internal planning efforts in a matter of minutes.  The investment I have made in time with Pattie is likely one of the best I have made.

    Dr. Alan Christianson, ND
    New York Times Best-Selling Author of The Adrenal Reset Diet
    Owner, Integrative Health, Scottsdale, AZ
  • After working with Pattie... I increased my practice by 4x in just a few months… Now I'm able to hire more people, earn more, and spend more time with my family.... I start work happily and leave accomplished. It is the best money and time that I have spent in the last decade.

    Dr. Corey Schuler, Clinic Director, Metabolic Treatment Center
  • Pattie gave me a whole list of ideas to improve my practice. I implemented two things immediately and I have already tripled my office collections. I can’t wait to implement the rest of her ideas! She truly is gifted and can take ANY office to the next level.

    Dr. Angie Welikala, Chiropractor, Speaker, Author of Redeem Your Health

Let’s Get to Work!

Why work with me?

I know what it’s like to be a patient. I know what’s it’s like to run a practice.

After surviving three car accidents in three months, I had almost given up hope of getting better. Eight months later, I was sitting in yet another doctor’s office waiting to be processed through their system… being treated like a problem instead of a person. It was then that I finally said to myself – there’s got to be a better way. Well, as it turns out, there was a much better way. But I had to invent it myself.

When I found the doctor who saved my life, I made it my mission to create the patient experience I had longed for on my journey back to health. I began working in his office, and in the 18 years that I managed that clinic, I learned what it takes to run a successful, profitable practice.

Today, as a consultant, I approach the unique challenges you face as a business owner from the perspective of someone who’s been there and done that – as both a patient and a practitioner.


About Pattie

Pattie Ptak has put a lifetime of experience and education into her role as CEO and owner of Practice on Purpose®, a full service business consulting firm for doctors and health experts.

For the last 3 years, Pattie Ptak has also led The Mindshare Collaborative, a business development and networking group for NY Times best-selling authors and leaders in the health and wellness space. She has consulted on their marketing, branding, product development, websites, and more. Pattie is a well-known speaker and leader in the health and wellness industry and a sought-after practice development consultant.

Pattie translates all of her unique business experience to the healthcare model, bringing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability into her clients’ practices.

Pattie graduated from Whittier College with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. She studied Political Science in Copenhagen, Denmark, worked on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Intern, and served as a sales professional and systems analyst in the aerospace industry.

Pattie currently lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with her son and Labradoodle. She enjoys creating raw food recipes, hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, and meditating.

Whether your business is online, in the neighborhood, or both – I will help you love your practice again.

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to learn the secrets to
  • Create a waiting list practice
  • Turn "shopper calls" into new patients
  • Attract a steady stream of cash patients to your office
(Please check your mailbox after you hit this button)
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